Friday December 25th, 2015
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Tuesday November 24th, 2015
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Dear members and friends,
The A.I.Bir. Associazione Italiana Birmani’s commitments about the social still goes on. One year ago, for the ones who remember or has been there, on december month in Florence we have picked up the funds with a lottery of beneficence to help some needy cats of cares, seized and submitted to a shelter. Today these cats have again a house that loves them.
This year we want to devote us to of the very special children for which the birman is one of the most suitable breeds in order to pet therapy.
The sacred birman cats of members and friends will partecipate to a photoshoot together with the childrens and kids of Autism Association from Padua, for the 2016 A.I.Bir. Calendar.
A.I.Bir. will give all the moneys reached with the calendar’s selling to help the autistic kids and their families. More copies we will sell, and more the help for these kids can be strongly real and useful. So our message to you is the following: buy, treat yourself or treat someone else one or more copies of our calendar, whatever is the breed or species you keep in your heart.. Our embrace wants to be around these childrens in such universal way, hoping your embrace will come in addiction to our, to give courage and support to these wonderful angels. Thank you all! The copies of A.I.Bir. Calendar can be booked through an email to:



1 to 4 copies € 15.00
5 to 9 copies € 12.00
10 copies of € 10.00

Thursday November 19th, 2015
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Dear members and friends,
We are pleased to announce that the ANFI invited us to the first Mediterranean Winner Show.
The club has accepted this invitation with great pleasure and will do their best to make this event unforgettable. 2 and 3 April, don’t forget this important event, in Rome, we are waiting!

Tuesday August 4th, 2015
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Dear Members Dear Friends
A.I.Bir. club has the pleasure to invite you all to partecipate at the Anfi-FIFe international show in Reggio Emilia on september 26th for the Sacred Birman Special organized by our club.
In the same date there will be also the Kitten Special and according to the numbers requested by FIFe, the Separated Best for Sacred Birman.
For our Special, the club will offer:
- Gadgets to all
- 1 Special Gift for one A.I.Bir. member
- 1 Special Gift for one foreigner birman breeder
We expect you there!
(Further info about the show: )

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Dear members and dear friends,
with great pleasure we announce that Zooplus has accepted our request of affiliation. Our club has become a partner of Zooplus; so please when you’ll buy on Zooplus make your orders from our website. This will allow us to obtain a fee that will be paid directly from zooplus, on the club’s bank account, by doing so you will contribute to the realization of new projects.
For any clarification, please contact us, we’ll help you.

By club A.I.Bir.

Wednesday July 8th, 2015
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Tuesday June 30th, 2015
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Thursday April 9th, 2015
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Cari soci ed amici, il 3 Maggio 2015, in quel di Caorle, in occasione della Esposizione Internazionale Felina del 2 /3 Maggio, il club A.I.Bir. darà vita al secondo raduno dei soci del 2015 con una ricca passerella. Gadgets per tutti i partecipanti. Ci complimentiamo con il nostro amico ed allevatore Yann Gobrecht, che con il suo bellissimo Yani, ha vinto il concorso “Casting call are open!” aggiudicandosi il titolo di nostro testimonial per il raduno Spring Edition.

Vi aspettiamo numerosi.

Per info e iscrizioni:


Tuesday February 10th, 2015
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AAA Wanted boys and girls good looking, photogenic and jaunty, nice and engaging, with blue eyes and a thick fur … If you reflect on this ad send us a your picture full body, possibly made by a professional photographer. The best 10 pictures will be posted on our Facebook page, one that will get the highest number of “like” will be used as testimonials to advertise our next event … Spring Edition in Caorle.

Send your best picture, one for the subject, to the following address:

Casting call are open!

Friday February 6th, 2015
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Events  Year 2015

3/4 January Montesilvano – Meeting
2/3 May Caorle – Meeting
26/27  September Bologna – Special Sacred Birman and Best Separated

Events Year 2016

6/7 February Terni – Meeting
March 19-20 Pesaro – Meeting
3/4 December Florence – Special Sacred Birman and Best Separated

Calendar approved by ANFI in agreement with the organizing committees.

Soon news for the next meeting: Caorle!