The classifieds service on our site is dedicated only to A.I.Bir.’s members, that’s why to use this service you need to be registered before posting your ad, an administrator will assign to your user the “Member” rank.

How to register

  • Click on “Register” at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Write your username.
  • Insert a valid e-mail account.
  • Inserti the result of the math operation (necessary to avoid BOT’s registration)
  • Click on “Registrati”
  • Check your email account for the password sent.

How to Login

  • Click on “Log in” at the bottom of the sidebar
  • Insert your username and the password received.
  • Now you’re logged in and you can post ads and comments to articles.

How to post ads

  • Enter the page “Birmans Available”
  • Click on “Inserisci Annuncio”
  • Fill the form
  • Choose the category of your ad (Kittens – Adults)
  • Click on “Continue”

The next step is the images upload.

  • Choose images to upload from your hard disk(Be sure your image is less than 150kb)
  • Click on “Finished”. Now your ad has been posted.
  • You’ll receive in your e-mail account a summary of your ad and the access key to edit or remove it.

How to edit an Ad

  • When you post your ad you’ll receive an access key for each ad posted.
  • Click on “modifica annuncio”
  • Insert your e-mail and the access key you received.
  • Edit your ad and then save.

Rules and Netiquette

  • Each member is directly responsible about the contents and informations written.
  • Ads published will expire and be removed after 90 days .
  • The maximum number of images for each ad is 4 and the maximum size is 150kb.