Winners – Special Birmans Show – Caserta 2012

Sunday April 29th, 2012
Author: Rossella - in: Editorials

We our proud to introduce you the winners of the Special Birman Show – Florence – 2012

Our congratulations go to:


S* SC Rawalpindi’s Sokrates – Best male

and Best Birman Overall!


S* SC Rawalpindi’s Sokrates - Owner Giuseppe Depietra





Best kitten male and best kitten overall 3/6 months

IT* Streetluge Zaffiri Blu

Breeder: Mercadante Rossella

Owner: Charbonnier Enrica






Best kitten female 3/6 mesi

CZ* Mercedes Maybach Von Freitag

Breeder: Slavomíra Balcar

Owner: Ilaria Spedicato




Sunflower's Song


Best kitten female and best kitten overall 6/10 months

S* Raus Höjden’s Sunflower’s Song

Breeder: Ekström Lena

Owner: Rossella Mercadante






Best kitten male 6/10 months

IT* DolceMiele Spartacus Mon Amour JW

Breeder: Depietra Giuseppe

Owner: Depietra Giuseppe






Best female

NZ*Shekinah Luna

Breeder: Sharon Snellgrove

Owner: Marta Piciurro






Best neuter male

IT* IP Aspera Basia Rigel

Breeder: Bazzatti Barbara

Owner: Bazzotti Barbara

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